THE DOMESTICS (U.K.) - 'KEEP IT LEAN' 14 TRACK CD ALBUM (previews at www.thedomestics.bandcamp.com)

by The Domestics (UK) and KIBOU RECORDS PRODUCT

First album from 2012!

Influenced by US hardcore giants such as Black Flag and Poison Idea, classic UK bands like Discharge and Subhumans plus more recent punk favourites Flats, OFF!, Mauser, The Shitty Limits, Sudor etc, The Domestics don’t deal in filler riffs, just straight to the point, catchy, in your face hardcore punk, albeit with brief forays into non- 4/4 time signatures (the fucking show-offs).

The Keep it Lean album is brought to you by the cooperation of Dusty Curtain Face Records and Kibou Records

Keep it Lean was recorded by Rhodes and mixed by Rhodes and main songwriter, James Domestic, in various rehearsal spaces and houses – not an expensive (nor indeed, inexpensive) studio in sight.

Fourteen songs of questioning, class conscious, socio-personal-political invective spewed into the void via steamroller drums, pummelling guitars and catchy as hell tunes is what you get on Keep it Lean’s twenty-one minutes. Frankly, what more could any self-respecting punk want from an album?


"I can honestly say it’s been a while since a punk full length grabbed me like this. This album will stay in rotation. A keeper. It’s the kind of album you bully people into borrowing, just to say, “I told you it fucking ruled.” Fire-charged and jam-packed full of tight bass lines, these guys tear it up proper. Fourteen songs in twenty minutes that leave you salivating for more. The lyrics are right on and, like the music, powerful and concise. The musicianship here is just top notch. You can tell these songs weren’t created, they were crafted. Definitely recommended for fans of early METALLICA, BLACK FLAG, MOTORHEAD, and THE BUSINESS" [Razorcake Magazine]

“Exploding out of Sudbury like flies from an abattoir bloodtank... Keep It Lean is the sound of what happens when pure fandom gives way to the mainstream’s biggest no-nos: Inspiration and intelligence. 8/10.” [B-Side Magazine]

“...a challenge to their forefathers and contemporaries to step further in a similar way to FLATS, OFF! and ICEAGE have done in recent memory... an album that succeeds in not only avoiding the trap of becoming an academic venture, it sounds relevant and progressive and, most importantly, has something to say. 8/10.” [The 405]

"...blasting out furious hardcore; spewing bile about the current state of affairs in the U.K. and beyond with a touch of Ceremony’s inward self-loathing. Tracks batter you from all sides, never letting you completely catch your bearings. Short, sharp riffs guide the tracks forward while James’ vocals sound so pissed off it sounds like he could reach through the speakers and throttle you...these guys don’t know all the answers but they’ve got the drive and the questions to find out" [This Thing Called Progress webzine]

“...visceral, thought-provoking and generally stimulating music, which wears its DIY principles like a badge of honour. Don’t buy the bullshit; buy this” (Oliver Arditi]

“Fuck yeah, dirty punk rock, you gotta love it! The Domestics are one of those bands that you instantly think should be playing on the Rebellion bill. Dirty as fuck bass lines, crusty guitar sound topped off with angry, passionate vocals that just snarl at you” [Lights Go Out]

“Rough, mid-paced hardcore with a loose and rowdy hooligan vibe. BLACK SABBATH (first two records) and no particular era of BLACK FLAG and POISON IDEA seem to be the influences that bleed through” [Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll]

"This brutal DIY punk owes as much to gruff old UKHC acts like GERIATRIC UNIT as it does the 80s US punk cited in the blurb before me. Bludgeoning their way through 14 tracks in a little over 20 minutes, Ipswich-based Domestics have all the same brutality and venom of a full-blown Friday night domestic. And you’ll enjoy listening to this recording every bit as much as catching a row in the street. The personal, political and venomous lyrics further entrench this in the UKHC camp, which is a good camp to be in" [One Way Ticket to Cubesville #12]

"Hardcore punk with a VERY British feel describes this record perfectly. Influenced by bands like BLACK FLAG and DISCHARGE, THE DOMESTICS are a rare breed in 2012 and this record does nothing but reinforce that. Fast riffs, short songs and aggressive vocals means the whole record sounds like a verbal ‘fuck you’...a sign that punk is very much alive and kicking. 8/10. [Pornography for Cowards zine]

"...crank it up and you'll have a whale of a time - they love what they play and couldn't give a fuck what anyone else thinks" [Uber Rock]

"The first thing ya hear on this UK band’s debut is a sludgy Black Sabbath riff that lulls the listener into FLIPPER territory - and then the real action starts! This four-piece hails from my home town of Ipswich, England and this 14-track slab is torn through in a mere 21 minutes. There’s a definite BLACK FLAG ‘My War’ era vibe but played via some BROKEN BONES riffage. Highlights for me were ‘Machine’ that has a neat stop-start riff a’la early WIRE, ‘Faith And Hope’ that has a menacing AMEBIX vibe and disc winner ‘Nothing Factory’ that’s driven by some stellar guitar work. Vocalist James Domestic pulls no punches here; his vocals are delivered with more throat-shredding capacity than a barbed-wire flogging. Lyrics are socially and politically relevant and the band has, since recording, claimed ex-ICH man Ed Ache among its number. 100% DIY, 100% Punk. A gig with these fellas and DEFCON ZERO would be a killer!" [Scanner 'zine]

"Bands like DISORDER and CHAOS UK have so much to answer for in my opinion! Fuzzed and chaotic thrashy guitar, with the hallmark gruff vocals; knock that forward 30 years and you have The Domestics. They may not have the studded leather jackets and the whole UK82 look, but the attitude and music could be from all those years ago. They do it very, very well and I love this shit when I’m in the mood" [Suspect Device]

LISTEN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOtxCzRXV_o

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