‘Slime’ is the debut 5 song 7” from HAZARD PROFILE. With personnel who are members/ex-members of CHAOS UK, THE DOMESTICS, FUK, PI$$ER, THE WANKYS, TOKYO LUNGS, FERAL STATE, TOECUTTER HC, KÖRD VÄRLD, KITTIE SHITTER, UNICORN FART SUGAR, BRING THE DRONES and more, it should already be apparent that this record is a total blast!

By unconsciously mixing the sounds of classic UK hardcore (perhaps ‘The Chipping Sodbury Bonfire Tapes’ era CHAOS UK) with a touch of power-violence (think COKE BUST, EXTORTION) and even a splash of ’77 punk rock in the vein of Kevin Rowland’s pre-DEXY’s outfit, THE KILLJOYS, this is an unusual beast to say the least; but it rocks like an absolute bastard!

LISTEN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQQUrnmyygA

Co-released with Sanctus Propaganda (Poland), Urinal Vinyl (UK), and Sick World (New Zealand).

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