Released on 18th October, this is a pre-order.

Swedish d-beat powerhouse, WOLFHOUR turn in the first new tunes since their highly acclaimed 'Dead on Arrival' debut LP. 3 songs, all grade A ragers! Members of ANTI-CIMEX, DRILLER KILLER, SLAKTATTACK, PI$$ER and more. Killer!

THE DOMESTICS refine their 'East Anglian Hardcore' ever further, offering up what may be their best material to date (and that's some claim given their previous output, especially over the past 3 - 4 years!). Fast, catchy, brutal UKHC that gives more than a nod to Swedish, U.S. and Japanese styles. Members of PI$$ER, BRING THE DRONES, DIS-TANK, CASUAL NAUSEA and more.

Limited purple vinyl is sold out.