7” compilations are kind of out of vogue, right? Well, fuck that, who cares what’s in fashion anyway?! This is punk!

Hardkore Dokument (UK) features six of the best known hardcore punk bands in the UK right now; bands that are tearing it up live and on record, home and abroad.

So what have we got here for the connoisseur? Well, there’s the snot-caked 80s USHC feel of PIZZATRAMP, the punishing crusty d-beat of WOLFBEAST DESTROYER and the Japanese/USHC-with-English-vocals assault of THE DOMESTICS, and that’s just 50% of the record! The remainder showcases the political thrashpunk of GRAND COLLAPSE, the metallic hardcore of RASH DECISION and the lo-fi thrills HC of GUILT POLICE.

Each track on this compilation is exclusive to this release (full disclosure: The Wolfbeast Destroyer track has been available online, but this is the first time on a physical format). 150 copies on red wax / 350 on black.

Download code included.

With a lineup this strong this won't hang around forever, so grab a copy while you can!

Released on Kibou Records and TNS Records in the UK, Amok Records in Germany, Sick World Records in New Zealand and Mangel Wax Records in Sweden.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a pre-order. Record will be shipped on or around the release date (1st February).

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