After the surprise hardcore hit that was TOKYO LUNGS’ debut, 9 song, 7”, here comes the much-anticipated full-length LP, ‘Soul Music’. 24 songs in 19 minutes should give you some idea of the territory we’re in here.

The band is ultimately a side-project that’s got people’s blood pumping. The protagonists are Simon Battery from THE DOMESTICS and CASUAL NAUSEA on drums, and James Domestic (also) from THE DOMESTICS, PI$$ER, KÖRD VÄRLD, HAZARD PROFILE, BRING THE DRONES and more, on everything else.

Taking their cues from the bare bones sounds of OUT COLD, LOOSE NUKES, NEGATIVE APPROACH, TOTALITÄR, MACHINE GUN, THE OFFENDERS, HERÄTYS and the first CIRCLE JERKS LP, this is fast and stripped down to the very essence of hardcore. There’s no fancy production here and it wouldn’t be welcome if it was. This is violent, antisocial music, but the there’s no denying the songs are memorable too; the best of both worlds, not “landfill hardcore”.

UKHC at its very best.

205 on black vinyl
65 on white vinyl
SPECIAL EDITION (40 only worldwide!!!) : White vinyl with 7" (brand new gold on black artwork)


A co-release with Amok Records (Germany).

Get in touch with the band via Kibou Records:

[email protected]

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