UPDATE: White vinyl now SOLD OUT. Black vinyl still available.

The two bands that teamed up for the ‘Discipline’ split 5” back in 2018 (three songs each in less than a minute per side, lest we forget) are back. This time with something a little longer…

…OK, a lot longer. Despite both outfits being known for their short, hyper-speed songs, here each band turns in an eleven minutes plus epic on either side of this record. Yeah, you did read that right.

Here’s the lowdown:

THE DOMESTICS kick things off with ‘NO LIFE’, charging through the most dynamic and varied track they’ve released thus far (although ‘Ideal’ from the extremely limited ‘A Gift to Your Masters’ 7” may have hinted towards this eventuality). Amongst the usual tones we hear the occasional interjection of piano, synth and strings, which help to underpin James Domestics’ semi-autobiographical lyric and raw vocal. Don’t worry though, the track may be lengthy and somewhat experimental but much of it gallops along at the kind of tempo you would naturally expect from the band and it’s aggressive enough to rip your head off in the usual manner.

Flip this wax over and PIZZATRAMP get heavy and apocalyptic with ‘THIS IS YOUR LIFE’. A state of the nation address that pulls no punches whatsoever – taking in the rise of the political right and many other aspects of the Orwellian nightmare the UK is more closely resembling with every passing week. Chunky, powerful riffs and throat-shredding vocals abound, mirroring the brutality of the subject matter perfectly. It’s everything you love about this band, but on steroids.

These two songs channel the spirit of the classic ‘From the Cradle to the Grave’ by UK punk legends, SUBHUMANS, but that was 1983 and this is 2020; these songs could be considered a pair of timely updates, documenting now in ways that truly resonate in 2020. This record is a highwater mark for both bands, hitting a truly inspired peak.

150 pressed on white vinyl / 356 on black vinyl.



On Kibou Records and TNS in the UK and Sick World Records in New Zealand.

"...anything that makes you sit up and really listen – sit up and think – in this day and age of vapid consumerism and shameless misinformation is a welcome shot in the arm. It’s always good to see bands challenging themselves and their audiences like this." (Ian Glasper, Mass Movement)

"Two of the best bands in the UK pulling it out of the bag yet again! Quite simply – buy one!" (Alan, Suspect Device)

"...exhausting but necessary. This split is not only a welcome addition to the UK Punk scene but also the bands respectively. To reiterate, its an achievement regardless of opinion and also a gut-wrenchingly thought-provoking polemic on the damned trajectory we call the living now." (Matt Speer, Ear Nutrition)

"It’s a real departure from the norm by two bands that are more known for their short, short blasts of energy, but well worth adding to your collection." (Gary Welford, IPA Music)

"Devastating...Scathing...Like punk that is undiluted, yet expansive? Uncompromising, yet ambitious?" (Adam Pytro, The Punk Site)

" of the year’s most arousing and galvanic encounters so far; one which will surprise a great many and thrill so many more." (Pete Ring, Ringmaster Review)

"This “progressive” approach could be likened to “From The Cradle To The Grave”, the 17 minute opus that took up the whole side of the Subhumans LP of the same name which I believe was what they had in mind. No sub minute smashers this time round, but all the better for it, especially The Domestics side. Now, I’d like to see ‘em pull it off live!" (Marv, Gadgie)

"Both these bands are usually a great example of ADHD in musical form when 2 minutes is way too long for a song, so it will be interesting to see if the ritalin kids of hardcore can sit still long enough to make it through each side. I really enjoyed the flipping backwards and forwards and the variety of styles on offer here." (Nathan Brown, Louder than War)