Page for various 7" test pressings that will be updated now and then...

Selling a few spare tests really helps keep the label running (I'm just one person with a demanding full time job an hour from home and a million other projects on the go). Resources are scarce, so every sale really helps this DIY outfit.

Please use the dropdown menu to select what you want. Prices are varied. LP/12"" test pressings are also available (see separate page on this site).

Obviously these are VERY limited in quantity. Sometimes there is just one copy for sale, other times there may be a handful. Kibou releases will have a special cover 99% of the time; if the origins are non-Kibou they may just have a plain/no cover.

PLEASE (1): ONLY ORDER ONE COPY PER CUSTOMER (unless by prior arrangement but usually I'll be pretty strict about this).

PLEASE NOTE: In the rare instances where there are 'rejected' and 'approved' versions of the same release, this means that the original test pressing was rejected due to some small fault/issue. There are separate prices for these BUT A DISCOUNT IF YOU BUY A 'PAIR' (i.e. a rejected' and 'approved' together). Check the dropdown box for this.