£3.00 - On Sale

Did you think you couldn't get hold of any VOLUNTEERS related vinyl anymore? All sold out, right? Well almost! We've managed to get our grubby paws on a few copies of this great compilation 7" that came out on Town Clock Records back in 2008 and which features VOLUNTEERS doing 'UK Hardcore Anthem'. Also fetaured are FAST POINT, VISUAL OFFENCE, COLD ONES and SCREWED UP FLYER. All in all a great snapshot of fast 'n' furious D.I.Y. UKHC and on lovely orangey vinyl too!

Our original stock of these sold out a while back but we've managed to unexpectedly source a few more copies. If you want one of these, I suggest you don't hang about! We have just 5 copies.

OVERSEAS POSTAGE: Not all countries are listed for postage (as bigcartel makes you list EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY separately, which takes FOREVER!!!) but we can post to any country so if your country isn’t listed please email with details of what you would like to order and we will work out a shipping price for you. Thanks.