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You will note that the first Machismo's album ('Britpop Fucked My Wife' is also in stock - brilliant as that record is, it's old recordings but 'Share One With a Friend' represents their first new tracks in 18 years!! Each copy comes with two of the same record- one to keep and one to give away to someone else! As 'marketing strategies' go, it's pretty wacky...OK, it's nuts!

'Share One With A Friend' -buy one, get one free- this could be the first genuinely interactive vinyl record, creating real human emotions!! This record will make the owner experience either feelings of generosity, or selfishness- depending on if they give the second copy of the record away, or keep it for themselves!

If you liked the first album as much as I did then you'll love this.

150 'pairs' only...and still only £8 for TWO records!

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