The origins of this are sketchy; I guess it's an unofficial release. We got a few copies though.

What is it?

Well it's a 7" with a jukebox centre featuring 4 UK bands each doing a Tom Waits cover in their own style. It's pretty damn good too!

THE DOMESTICS : 'Cemetery Polka'
CASUAL NAUSEA : 'God's Away on Business'
THE DEAD CLASS : 'Rain Dogs'
THE MINOR DISCOMFORT BAND : 'Take Care of all my Children'

There are different colour covers. We have some of each.

Total numbers (not the number we have, that's waaaaay lower) are apparently as follows:

Red cover (75)
Yellow cover (75)
White cover (75)
Cream cover (75)
Light green cover (22)

Don't forget to choose your colour(s) form the dropdown box below!

NOTE: Green and red covers now SOLD OUT!

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