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This is a great package. Big foldout 4 panel sleeve/poster, 500 copies only, handnumbered. Comes with a 32 page newsprint magazine of lyrics, photos etc. Black vinyl.

Rock SVB Discos from New York continues to be one of the most important reissue labels of South American hardcore and punk, specializing in bands from Peru (all of which the Rock SVB Discos head honcho witnessed). This time, they may have released their best material yet, the Eutanasia 1990 demo tape. I believe the band existed from 1986-1990 and other than a split tape from 1986 with Excomulgados, this is their only material. This is an essential piece of Peruvian hardcore punk history.

On the original version of this tape, at its beginning, a voice could be heard saying “before listening to this tape, be warned: it is not to be prostituted” . And that is the attitude we must adopt when we listen to this LP. This tape, recorded in 1990, is a compilation of 13 songs– 11 composed by Eutanasia and two covers of Saicos and Leusemia- within a context of civil war that desolated Peruvian society, with a structural State violence on one side, and constant attacks, kidnappings and a militant youth on the other. The lyrics are written from a collective space of resistance, and tell us the story of daily violence and the underground rebel spirit, attacking the political class and intellectual bohemians, and consolidating its presence in the Peruvian music scene, with an unstoppable force. Eutanasia defied the chauvinism and barbarism already installed in the collective imaginary of the 80´s, from a perspective sympathetic to anarchism.

Here’s a taster for the uninitiated:
Ratas Callejeras:

Apologies for the £11 price tag but the postage was killer on this - I'm just going to break even at £11. But this record is worth every penny!

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