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Anarcho-punk is still alive and well. But this is no nostalgia trip down memory lane though, this is a more of a kick in the teeth at the state of the world today. I’m sure there is no need no introduce or say much about either band but for the record Anthrax haven’t dulled or turned into some sort of housebroken mild older version. They still sound as menacing and political as ever.

Burnt Cross certainly own a few Conflict albums, as you can hear the influence throughout. And the spiralling riff in ‘Anathema (Wings Of Fear)’ is reminiscent of Rudimentary Peni. But in saying all that, Burnt Cross hold their own ground and certainly hold great convictions. I also really like the new dual/back and forth vocal style happening. It is music like this that makes you get up off your knees and wreak havoc, but in a clever way.

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